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When most people think of detoxification (or detox) they typically think of juice cleanses or some fad diet they go on to lose weight before a big event. In my opinion, detoxification is a lifestyle. The sad reality is that the environment we live in today has been bombarded with toxins that were not on our planet 5, 10, and 20 years ago. We cannot avoid nor escape them, and therefore, they can create detrimental affects to our health. Genetics play a small role in our ability to detox. According to my 23 and Me report, I inherited the MTHFR gene from both of my parents (you can read more about this in my post My Experience with 23 and Me)  This means that my body struggles to detoxify on its own.

In 2015, I began teaching in a moldy classroom and building, I knew something was very wrong when I started getting rashes all over my arms, headaches, had extreme fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, and digestive issues. I later discovered that I am part of the 25% of the population that has difficulty detoxing from toxic mold. This explains why many of my co-workers were not as affected. There is a direct link between toxic mold and Hashimotos and I do believe that mold is one of my many root causes that triggered my diagnosis (you can read how they are connected here). Since leaving the moldy environment, I have been putting detoxification practices to use and they have been instrumental in my healing.

Here are the detoxification practices that have personally helped me:

I typically alternate between these practices as doing them all at once can become overwhelming.

Detoxification is a lifestyle and not a temporary fix. Whether or not you have a diagnosed illness, incorporating these into your daily life is necessary for maintaining overall health and well-being. I recommend working with a functional medicine doctor while incorporating these practices. Moving forward, I plan on getting a mycotoxins and mold test to verify specifically what my body is still struggling with. Stay tuned for a future blog post on this!

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