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If you’ve read my Parasite Healing Protocol blog post, you know I’ve been battling with Blastocystis Hominis, a microscopic parasite. This parasite is extremely common and frequently found in people with Hashimotos and extreme food sensitivities. I’m a huge advocate for those of us with autoimmune disease to get stool tests done to check for parasites, yeast, and bacteria since over 70% of our immune system resides in our microbiome (gut).

Upon getting this result, my doctor put me on a parasite protocol. This protocol included pulse dosing (4 days on, 3 days off) anti-microbial herbs for a duration of 4 weeks. The pulse dosing is necessary so that my body did not become immune to the herbs (See My Gut Healing Journey-Part 2 for what I was taking). While on this protocol, I started feeling better. I was able to tolerate more foods, and over-all started feeling better. After the 4 weeks were done, my doctor wanted me to move into a more restorative/ healing protocol to start healing the lining of my gut. But, my body wasn’t quite ready for that phase yet. Many of my gut symptoms returned. I firmly believe you cannot move into the healing phase until you tackle parasites, yeast, and bacteria FIRST.

When I went back to my doctor, I begged her to put me back on the parasite protocol. My doctor agreed that I could do another month. I went back on my protocol and immediately started feeling better again. Along with this, I got blood work done for my thyroid and they were the best results I have had yet. I have been tracking my blood work over the past year or so and whenever I would take anti-microbial herbs such as  Biocidin,my thyroid antibodies would drastically drop and whenever I would get off of them, my thyroid antibodies with shoot straight back up. This was evidence and proof that my body was trying to fight off this nasty pathogen in order to heal! My thyroid antibodies were the lowest they had been on my healing journey and I predict they will continue to drop as I work towards healing my gut completely.

After the second month of my parasite protocol, I went back to the doctor. I told her that I was nervous to get off the herbs again for fear that the parasite wasn’t completely eradicated. She understood and had me do another stool test to re-examine if I had made any progress. (I used Doctor’s Data-you have to get this through a functional medicine doctor). I got the results back and NO PARASITES were detected. I was thrilled and shocked. My doctor was also shocked because Blastocystis is an extremely difficult parasite to get rid of. Although the test came back with no parasites detected, I am still skeptical as parasites are VERY difficult to detect on tests. I plan on doing the GI MAP stool test in the future to get an EVEN MORE comprehensive understanding of my gut health. It’s the best one on the market right now, just pricey!

Although no parasites were detected, yeast and bacteria were detected on this test. I am currently pulse dosing Allicillin and Grapefruit Seed Extract (4 days on, 3 days off) to eradicate the yeast and bacteria for 3 weeks. I also continue to eat a Paleo frame diet with low to no sugar as yeast and bacteria feed on this (as do parasites).

I am excited to see what happens with my thyroid antibodies after this protocol is complete as my gut continues to heal. Don’t ever let a doctor tell you that your autoimmune disease cannot be reversed, because that is simply not true. Our bodies are pretty amazing and have the capacity to heal themselves when we give them the love and support they need.

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